Guide in Beekeeping

Guide in Beekeeping

Article by Alex Mohney

Basically from the word itself, beekeeping is cultivating honey by putting bees in artificial bee hives. Perfect hobby for person who loves to stay at home and will earn you lots of profits along the way.

But one must not go into this hobby without knowing even the tiniest details. Like a sailor, you shouldn’t go sailing into the ocean without knowing how to stir a boat.

What you need?

KnowledgeEquipmentSecurity and Comfort-ability

The first thing you do is go into research and read all materials, books about bees and beekeeping. Arming yourself with the knowledge and how to care for bees will help you enjoy and love every moment of you’re new hobby. Bees are a very social insects that live in together with the other thousands of bees. Their works is divided accordingly so that each bee is busy and contribute to the process of making honey. Therefore it is vital that you know when the honey is best to be harvested and kept or not at all.

Tip: You will know when the honey is perfect for harvest is when you notice the wax, caps over the frame and the cell. Never collect honey in the evening since all the bee guards are full alert including the other bees that are not busy and resting.

It is also important to maintain a controlling when and what time the wax needs to be replaced since the bees may run out of space to fill in with new honey. Many don’t buy honey with darker shade since most prefer the honey color that all of us knew. Though color may not affect the taste and quality of honey but preferences always wins at the end.

Equipment is used even for business or just hobby, so it is best that you know how to use it and why it’s needed. Protective gear, gloves, hat and veil, smoking device, storage for honey, are a few of the main equipment needed to keep the bees safe and yourself.

Tip: smoke gives signal to bees that there is fire so they all scramble and leave immediately. But smoke tends to affect bees productiveness so use smoking process only when it is very necessary. Otherwise your protective gear, gloves, hat and veil will protect pretty much.

Security and Comfort-ability is also a major factor. Before starting beekeeping know the law around your town, its jurisdiction about beekeeping and the location of your hive. It’s a big NO for beekeeping to be in residential and recreational areas since bees fly to different areas to gather nectar from flowers. You don’t want to invite trouble and jail time to your place. And protect your bees from other violent animals that will try to steal honey and just destroy their hive.

You can start your beekeeping hobby with bee packages, mostly this are bees that are packaged sold by other beekeepers that have amassed much bee production over the years. Starting with your first bee hive and a thousand bees to start your beekeeping.

Over all just keep in mind the vital factors in beekeeping and how to take care of bees and you are safe for your first day in beekeeping.

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