Disappearing Bees: The Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder?

Disappearing Bees: The Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder?

On April 8 2007 my husband Michael and I read yet another report about how bees are disappearing from the USA. This time the report linked from DrudgeReport.com. Here are some excerpts:

“Bee numbers on parts of the east coast and in Texas have fallen by more than 70 percent, while California has seen colonies drop by 30 to 60 percent…..

It is normal for hives to see populations fall by some 20 percent during the winter, but the sharp loss of bees is causing concern, especially as domestic US bee colonies have been steadily decreasing since 1980….

Domestic bees are essential for pollinating some 90 varieties of vegetables and fruits, such as apples, avocados, and blueberries and cherries.

“The pollination work of honey bees increases the yield and quality of United States crops by approximately 15 billion dollars annually including six billion in California,” Brandi said. It said the situation is so bad that beekeepers are now calling on the government to look into and solve the problem”.

This problem has been named “Colony Collapse Disorder”. The problem is not that bees are dying. When bees are killed by pesticides, bodies will be littered near the hive. No bodies have been found. The bees are just leaving their hives and not coming back. This shows that something is affecting their normally phenomenal abilities to navigate.

Different people have suggested the cause for Colony Collapse Disorder is at least partly due to a number if things, including cell phone towers, new kinds of pesticides and genetically modified foods. Because having a body working in perfect condition is due to a combination of many things, it is likely that all of these are contributing to the problem.

However, it seems that something SUDDENLY affected a large number of bees. Which indicated that there was some other cause that no one has thought of so far.

It is a difficult concept for some people to grasp, but because we live in a holographic universe, and our brains are holograms, (http://www.relfe.com/A06/holographic_universe.html) it is possible by using muscle testing to find out the cause of a problem for something by using a person as a surrogate ).

Michael became a surrogate for the bees and I muscle tested what was the cause of the bees disappearing. We would test “pesticides” or “something else”. We kept getting that it was “something else”.

Finally Michael said to test “polarization of light”. I did not know what that meant but tested it any way and bingo! Muscle testing indicated that that was the cause. At that time, Michael knew that bees navigation was related to magnetic causes, but he knew nothing about bees and polarization of light. The words just came to him, without him even understanding what that meant.

I then searched the net to find out if polarization of light affected bees ability to navigate, and found this an article which explains how bees locate and communicate direction using polarization of light. http://www.polarization.com/bees/bees.html

I then found an article where someone else had come to the same conclusion that we had – that there is something going on with the sun that is causing the bees to disappear.

Unfortunately, if some kind of changes in the sun are causing the bees to disappear, we could not think of a single way to counter-act this. It may be a good idea to cage some hives of bees up and feed them honey until we get over this period of strange sun activity which some articles seem to think will be at its worst around 2010-2012.

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. Because we depend on bees wax for our ear candles, I made some inquiries, and was given this feedback:

“This happens more frequently than recent news would make it appear – it’s been documented since the late 1800′s. It’s just that right now, it seems it could be more serious than before. So far, the majority of problems are with the commercial and migratory hives, which became apparent 5 to 7 months ago, but in retrospect is now believed to have been going on for the last 2 years.

…The smaller beekeepers tend to do things more naturally. So far, they haven’t had the problem of CCD.”

So this would indicate that whatever is causing CCD, bees that are raised in conditions that are as natural as possible have more strength to cope with the problem. Which is what you would expect.

There is another book which may not appear to be related to disappearing bees but may have a lot to do with them. I highly recommend you read “Not by fire, but by ice”. See http://www.iceagenow.com. The author has summarized 26 pages of references into one easy to understand idea: that the earth and the sun are approaching a time of intense change, due to our position in the universe. Magnetic north will change place with magnetic south. This normally coincides with extra sun spots and all kinds of other strange activity, such as weather problems, earthquakes, ice ages and extinctions. They are all related.

Disappearing Bees

The bees may be warning us: It’s time to store food for hard times. It’s possible to store dried food for up to 10 years by putting it in mylar bags with desiccants and oxygen absorbers, then putting the bags in 5 gallon buckets. Store high nutritional food such as lentils and brown rice and oats, in addition to the usual corn and wheat. And remember to add some dried tomatoes, onions, herbs and goji berries to make things taste better! More information at http://www.waltonfeed.com/

Article by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. Stephanie Relfe was born in Sydney Australia. She now lives in the USA with her husband and son. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University. She is a professional kinesiologist and the webmaster of “Health, Wealth & Happiness” at http://www.relfe.com, a website which provides valuable natural health, mind, spirit, financial and other information unifying the whole, rather than educating a part of the whole.

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