Bee Hive Plans: Building A Bee Hive Colony

Bee Hive Plans: Building A Bee Hive Colony

Article by Michelle Lewis

Gardens require some help to grow. Farmers and gardening hobbyists all realize that nature’s help is required to insure pollination of crops. The most prolific pollinators in nature are bees. These hard working insects carry the needed pollen from one plant to another to insure that the flowers turn into the fruits and vegetables we eat.

Commercial apiarists provide bee hives to farmers each year so that the crops can be pollinated. The hobby of bee keeping is rapidly growing and new bee hives are being built all the time. Many hobbyists choose to build their own structures to house the bee hive in. The plans for constructing bee hive are fairly simple, built do require some knowledge of building techniques and some basic tools to cut and assemble the wood.

Beehives consist of a number of chambers inside a boxed structure. The bees will need a place to build the honeycombs and produce the honey. This is what keeps them flying back and forth seeking flowers and pollinating crops. The desire to produce honey and provide the queen bee in the hive with a loyal workforce keeps the bees busy all day.

Beehives come in many sizes. The normal sized hive is a ten tray or frame system where the bees can construct the comb and build a system of interconnected chambers for the young larvae to grow and reach maturity. The main structure consists of a wooden box in which the frames are placed. Special attention must be paid to building the outer shell where the frames will be placed. Various designs will require special cuts so the frame can be pieced together. The outer shell of the bee hive will be a solid box style with access for the bees to get in and out.

The most popular beehive plans available are for the Langstroth 10 frame bee hive. The detailed plans for constructing this beehive are available on line at several sites. These detailed instructions explain how to construct the main beehive structure into which the frames are placed. Several other sets of plans are available for constructing smaller beehives and observation hives where the bees can be viewed while at work.

Once the basic structure is complete, the frames that the bees will use to construct the honeycomb out of wax must be purchased or built also. These frames are simple structures that fit inside the completed hive and provide the foundation for the bees to do their work. Detailed instructions for constructing frames are also available on line.

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