What You Need To Know In Building a Bee Hive

What You Need To Know In Building a Bee Hive

Article by Lisa Karmicheal

Aside from the bees themselves, the next most important element in beekeeping is the bee hive itself. There are many types of bee hives that are available and are designed to make keeping bees an easier task. In the United States, the Langtroth hive is the most commonly used bee hive. It is made from a wood frame that is rectangular in form and can easily support about ten combs hanging inside the frame. Sheets of wax are used as comb foundation. Sometimes, a wax-covered plastic can also be used to build the foundation for the honey comb. The frame should be movable and should make it easy for the honey to be taken out when it is full. Bees will then store the pollen and the honey inside the cells of the honey comb.

Those who are in the hobby of maintaining bees sometimes use top-bar bee hives. Although these are more commonly used in Africa, there are several beekeepers in the United States who would also prefer to use them. Top-bar bee hives have a bar attached on top (as the name implies), but these are not reusable the way Langtroth beehives are. Although the honey produced from top-bar bee hives are of the preferred honey in-comb variety, the hives do not allow for huge production of honey.

No matter what bee hive you choose to use for maintaining bees, make sure that you are aware of the regulations that apply to beekeeping in your area. Check what local and state laws you need to comply before you even start keeping bees.

For instance, there are some restrictions on maintaining bees near homes and public recreational places. You can not have your beekeeping business in areas where there are many children, who may be allergic to bee sings.

You need to choose a location for your beehives that are near gardens that will provide the food for your honey making hobby. Make sure also that you have adequate water source that your honey bees need regularly.

Find an area safe from natural predators, including skunks and bears who may try to destroy your bee hives just to get some honey. There are also some people who may try to get some honey for themselves. You need to choose an area that is also safe from harsh weather to protect your bees.

Although there is a period when bees are less active, maintaining bees is actually a year long task. Learn more about managing bees in order to get the best benefits from your beekeeping hobby.

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