4 Important Steps of Beginning Beekeeping

4 Important Steps of Beginning Beekeeping

Article by Martin Broad

Keeping bees is a rewarding hobby that many people can turn into a profitable side business with the honey they produce. However, although it can be fun it is also a hobby that requires a lot of hard work to get results. There are a number of things you should think about before you start collecting bees for a hive.

Time constraints – It is important to realize that beekeeping can eat up a lot of your time. For starters it is a seasonal hobby with work that needs to be done all year round, from making sure your bees will survive the harsh winter to checking their productivity in summer. Having bees is a lot like having other pets – they can demand a lot of attention.

Space – You should also think about how much space you have to build a hive. A back garden is ideal, although you should not really have more than one hive in any average sized garden as the bees may interfere with the neighbors. If you want more than one, a local farmer may allow you to rent some of his land where you can place your hives. Ultimately, space isn’t everything and there are many ways you can maintain bee hives in areas as built up as a city, but it is a good thing to consider before you begin.

Local laws Many people think (wrongly) that bees are aggressive creatures. Because they can be capable of attacking people who get too close to their colony, they have a reputation for being dangerous. In truth, bees are actually quite docile creatures who only respond in violence when they feel threatened. Nevertheless, rules about beekeeping can differ depending which state you are in, as different groups of people can feel differently about bees. You should always check with your local government about the rules of beekeeping in your area.

Results – You may also want to ask yourself what your goals with beekeeping are. Maintaining a beehive as a hobby is a fine pastime, although if you are looking to eventually make money from your hive you should look into ways to do this. Research local facilities that may want to buy your honey and what type of equipment you will need to buy later to obtain it from your bees. You could even look into the possibility of keeping colonies of bees to sell to other potential beekeepers.

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