How to Begin Beekeeping

How to Begin Beekeeping

Article by Kerry Stuart

Are you curious about keeping Bees? Don’t quite know where to start? After you have gathered sufficient research about the various aspects of beekeeping, you should be aware of several essential factors. These factors should be your starting point for beekeeping.

* Seasonal Cycles – The worker bees are active throughout the year. There is no season in which the bee colony is inactive and thus you should plan your beekeeping starting time after careful consideration of the time or seasonal cycle. Why? The flow of nectar and flowering of plants depends on seasons. Know about the correct time for beekeeping starting before venturing into the business right away.* Managing the Bee Colony – You need to be able to manipulate the bee colony, that is, be able to separate the honey bee combs from the rest of the hive without posing any danger to the rest of the colony. Therefore, you need a practical system that will allow easy replacement and removal of honey bee combs. The system should allow separate access to each of the areas. Look around in the market; you can buy such ready-made systems for beehive culture.

* Selecting the Beehive – Your sole purpose in beekeeping is to obtain honey so your choice of beehive will depend upon the consideration that whichever hive allows easy access to the honey without causing any danger to the rest of the colony will be your best choice. Movable hives, screened box hives, and simple packaged hives are some of your choices. However, do no compromise on the quality of the beehive.

* Placement of Hives – Multiple hives should not be placed close to each other as they will confuse members of the bee colony and can possibly lead to transmission of diseases. Usually, you should place the hive almost two foot above the ground, mow away any long grasses or weeds because ants and insects can attack the colonies through them.* Handling – You will need equipment and gear like a smoker, veil, gloves, and a beekeeping suit. These are some of the essentials needed to handle the beehives properly. The main issue is to save yourself from bee stings and all of the above equipment will help with that. The equipment should be of optimum quality.After you have gathered all the essential equipment and planned the perfect way to begin beekeeping, its time to put your plan in motion.

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