Beekeeping With Honey Bees – This Isn’t The Only Type Of Beekeeping

Beekeeping With Honey Bees – This Isn’t The Only Type Of Beekeeping

Beekeeping with honey bees is the usual type of beekeeping done all over the world. In the United States, North Dakota, California, South Dakota, and Florida are the states responsible for producing the most honey every year. An average person consumes 1.3 pounds of honey every year, which is the nectar taken from at least 2 million flowers. Honey is used for a variety of uses such as a cure for ailments, as an energy booster, and even to add shine to one’s hair. Based on these facts, one can see the importance of honey bees and beekeeping.

Beekeeping with honey bees isn’t the only type of beekeeping. Two other types of beekeeping involve the raising of queen bees and pollination beekeeping. The latter involves raising bees to help in pollination. Usually the beekeepers who do pollination beekeeping work hand-in-hand with farmers to help improve the growth of their crops. The traditional beekeeping with honeybees involves producing honey either as a stand-alone business or with major distributors.

Aside from the types of beekeeping, there is a classification of beekeepers. Commercial beekeepers handle not just one bee colony, but thousands of bee colonies. These beekeepers are able to produce millions of pounds of honey every year, and are the main sources of the honey which can be found on supermarket shelves.

On the other end of the spectrum are the hobby beekeepers. Unlike the commercial beekeepers, hobby beekeepers only keep bees and their beehives in order to study natural science and even the ecosystem. Honey is a sweet reward for their efforts. The sideline beekeeper is stuck between the two kinds of beekeepers. This beekeeper keeps about 300 bee colonies and produces a modest amount of delicious honey. Unlike commercial beekeepers, he/she only uses beekeeping as a way to obtain extra money or income.

Here are some facts about honey bees. It takes only an ounce of honey to give a honey bee enough energy to fly all over the world. One can imagine how much energy it can give to a person who eats honey for breakfast every day. A honey bee usually visits 1,500 flowers just to get one load of pollen, and it would have to fly 55,000 miles to get one pound of honey. Based on this trivia, it isn’t surprising how the old adage of “busy as a bee” came about.


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