New To Beekeeping – What Equipment Do I Need To Start Beekeeping?

New To Beekeeping – What Equipment Do I Need To Start Beekeeping?

Opinion varies about what equipment you need to get started in beekeeping. Ask as many beekeepers as you like, what equipment do I need, and you will get as many different answers.  

Here is a list of the essentials to get you started building that hive. Once you have an idea what to buy, you can source your own suppliers for the individual items. Bear in mind that you might not need everything listed below, it in just a guide. Individual preference comes into the equation once you know what you are doing.

1.Starting with a book about the subject, and there is none better than Beekeeping For Beginners by Charles Dadant. There is a link to this book at the end of this article.

2.A screened floor for the hive.

3.A roof and a ceiling for the hive.    

4.An entrance reducer which reduces the size of the front door until the bees are able to defend the colony with a full sized entrance.

4.Walls, or supers, for the hive.

5.Rooms within the hive which hold the comb.

6.Small Cell Foundation. This provides the template for the bees to build the comb.

7.You will need a feeder to feed sugar water to a new colony to help it get established.

8.To stop you getting stung, use a smoker which calms and disorientates the bees while you inspect them.

9.A good set of coveralls, as you do not want to get stung.

Be careful about buying used beekeeping equipment from a source you know nothing about and have it checked by an experienced beekeeper for disease.

If you want to know the best time of year to start keeping bees, what direction the hive should face, and does it matter if you live in a town? These and many more questions you will find the answers you need in Beekeeping For Beginners by Charles Dadant. Visit Beekeeping information for beginners for more information about beekeeping

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