Beekeeping And The Honey Bee

Beekeeping And The Honey Bee

Beekeeping is commonly referred as the maintenance of honey bee colonies. It can be a very pleasurable and pleasing activity. By being a beekeeper you will not only be able to enjoy the benefit of pollination of nearby gardens but also the delicious beekeeper honey.

Beekeeping is not at all an easy task. You have to work very hard for this job. You will have to make the bees come back to the hive in order to collect nectar, from which the honey will be produced after 35 days. Apart from collecting nectar, bees also store honey as food. Bees can collect a huge amount of nectar in a good season when a lot of nectar producing flower is available in the gardens. By this way the bees can produce much more honey than they make by collecting honey from only wild flowers. As a result the beekeepers also get benefited by this large production of honey. They could either use this honey for personal use or could sell them and earn profit.

A handsome amount of profit can be earned by selling the beekeeper honey. There are two kind of honey that can be sold. One is liquid honey and the other is the comb honey. The liquid honey is extracted by the extractors and can be easily collected from the comb. On selling the comb honey the beekeepers sell the pieces of the comb. Here the honey remains in the original wax form which is less adaptable for cooking or eating but can be used as flavors. Depending on the place of the comb, the flavor and taste of the honey is different. The availability of different flavors and colors of honey is unknown to many people. A simple example can make the mechanism clear. As different flowers have different smells, the nectar of those flowers also has got different taste and smell. So the honey that is finally produced by the nectar of different flowers will be of different color and taste. Soil chemistry is another influential factor in this regard. It also plays an important role in the taste and look of the honey. The variety of white and clear honey can be made by the nectar of alfalfa that grows in drier and alkaline soil. However, very dark honey can be collected from the buckwheat nectar growing in acidic soil.

You have to be very careful about the quality of the collected honey. While processing the honey, following the state and federal regulations for the labeling, processing and handling is very essential. As beekeeping is a real business, guidelines might vary from region to region and is the same as other businesses. In order to make a good profit the beekeepers have to follow the marketing strategies to sell their beekeeper honey and other bee products. During selling, they must keep in mind the quality of the product, the amount they have already invested on it and also about the consumers who are going to buy the product. You can take beekeeping as a hobby but if you want to make profit from this then you have to take it professionally and have to make the decisions accordingly.

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