Beekeeping Lessons 101

Beekeeping Lessons 101

Article by Frank Reese

In order to gather honey, beekeepers raise bees, keeping them in check in a hive. Many enjoy beekeeping as a hobby and it has been in practice for some time. In addition, this is a business that can be quite profitable. To get the most out of this wonderful hobby and to be successful, beekeeping lessons are highly recommended.

Beekeeping cannot be done without first acquiring the equipment you will need. The first thing that a beekeeper needs is the basic components of the hive.

The bees needed to start this business can be purchased as an existing colony, finding swarms to collect or purchasing packages of bees. Those beginning beekeeping for the first time should buy the packaged bees.

The next thing needed is your bee handling gear, protective clothing and headgear to protect your face. Honey bees do not sting unless they have to defend themselves or the bee hive.

Smokers are another thing beekeepers use to keep the bees under control while they are doing their work with the bees and the hive. A smoker is device that emits smoke. The smoke triggers a response from the bees that makes them ready themselves for leaving the hive because they believe it is on fire. It also masks a pheromone that the guard bees release to convey to the other bees that there is an intruder present.

Honey bees are extremely social insects that live in hives as a colony that can contain thousands of bees. All of the bees work together to build a nest, collect food and to rear the young. Beekeepers are able to work with the natural instincts of the honey bee to gather honey that can be used or sold for profit.

Removing the honey from the hive can sometimes be challenging but it is important not to leave the honey in the hive for too long. Honey that is left too long with have a darker color and it takes up the space that the bees need for storing additional honey. Many people prefer honey when it is lighter colored although the color does not change the taste.

Don’t take the honey too early either. Removing it too soon is not wise because it will have too much water which could cause problems, such as fermentation or spoiling.

The bees will let you know when the honey is ready. When you see wax caps on the honey cells, the time has arrived. Take the honey when it is sunny or early in the morning when the bees are busy.

Before one starts beekeeping they have to make sure that the local government allows beekeeping in your area.

Beekeeping benefits are many. The honey bees keep hornets and wasps from moving in. Bees are terrific for plants.

When the beekeeper makes certain he keeps the bees in an area away from the home and where children may play, this can be a very rewarding experience.

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