Honey – How To Obtain This Sweet Product By Keeping Bees

Honey – How To Obtain This Sweet Product By Keeping Bees. Honey bees work tirelessly to assist in pollinating flowers in the fields and collecting the nectar in their hives in order to process it into the sweet tasting honey as we know it. The nectar bees collect from the center of the flowers and process it to make a thick sweet liquid that is what we call honey. This honey is nothing but food for the bees.

In the process of collecting nectar from the flowers the bees help nature pollinate other flowers as the pollen from flowers is distributed or delivered to other flowers when the bees fly from one flower to the other. This is how the reproduction of flowers is assisted by the honey bee.

Bees move in swarms and these thousands of little creatures work tirelessly to collect nectar and deposit it in their hives where another group of bees process the nectar and turn it into honey. This honey is stored in special chambers in the hive called ‘honey combs’. The bees feed on this honey.

Honey and Humans

Humans have developed a taste for honey, which is very nutritional and has some medicinal value too. So they have learnt to cultivate honey bees in man made bee hives. The bee hives are constructed out of wood and make it easier for the bee keeper to collect the honey as and when it is ready without disturbing the bees and their off spring.

The man made bee hive looks like a wooden box no larger than 1 and a ½ feet by 1 and a ½ feet and stands about 2 feet tall. This four sided structure has a small opening from where the bees enter and leave the hive. Once the bee hive is set up and placed on a flat surface to prevent it from tipping over with the wind, the bee keeper may introduce bees to the hive by buying a swarm from a bee farm or he can just wait for the bees to find the hive themselves. Both ways work equally well.

Within a matter of 40 days the bee keeper will be able to slide out the honey combs without disturbing the bees. Care must be taken not to remove all the honey or the bees will starve. This way, the bee keeper collects his keep for providing the bees with a safe place to breed. Cultivating honey bee farms is a very good way of earning a living and a fun way too. However, some sort of training is required, mainly for the safety of the bee keeper as bee stings can be fatal at times – so a bit of caution and safety techniques is required.

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