10 Things You Didn’t Know About Honey Bees

Article by Amy Leig 

Here is some good examples:

1. Bees trained as bomb sniffers Got a need to sniff out drug dealers, gun runners, or perhaps terrorists? Send in the particular bee squad. The K-9 unit got nothing on these specifically trained bees that may identify drugs, gunpowder, explosives,  you name it.

2. Bee visual system designed to computers Bees aren’t the wisest of God’s masterpieces, but they could still fly as well as land with mastery. Professor Mandyam Srinivasan together with his team are in the operation of understanding the bee’s natural navigational technique. The data may lead scientists to crafting a visual system which supplies unmanned airplanes ‘eyes’.

3. New Zeeland types of bees open bird-adapted flower Peraxilla tetrapetala is definitely a species of mistletoe which hoards the nectar and pollen inside its bud. In normal conditions, the bud just opens each time a native bird inserts its beak, something like a lock and key.

4. Famous Einstein Quote on Bees is Fake What Einstein did say: “I’m convinced that He does no play dice.” What Einstein did not say: “If the bee vanishes out of the face of the earth, man could have a maximum of four years to live on.”

5. Honey bees could recognise faces Here is a strange fact: the honey bee, having a brain barely greater than a pin head, can recall human faces for days after seeing them. Remember that the very next time you’re all set to gush the way you “never forget a face”.

6. Bees are classified as the only insects that generate eatable food for people It’s pretty horrible to consider; thousands of honey bees lineup as well as regurgitate together to produce honey. Which bee puke is then harvested as well as merrily consumed by human beings. Strangely enough, honey is the sole insect created food humans can consume.

7. The Bee as Symbols for DeathThe West has its Grim Reaper. The Ancient Near East and also Aegean culture has its bee. Typically the insect had been seen as a connection involving the afterlife and also this world, bringing souls to the other part. A few even went so far as to craft their tombs into the form of a beehive.

8. The Sun Flower Task – The Citizen Look for Bees Throughout the planet, there exists a very true fear that honey bees will probably go extinct due to what’s known as the colony collapse problem. In response, safety groups are usually humming with endeavours to save lots of the honey bees. One particular initiative is asking normal folks in order to plant sunflowers inside their yards and also record the number of bees visit within a fifteen minute time-frame. Scientists will then use that information to extrapolate local bee communities.

9. Working bees could elevate 100% on their bodyweight Honey bees create Vin Diesel look soft. Orchid bees (from Panama) in particular can easily lift their very own weight and then fly around the room by using it. Scientists state that bees are usually so jacked so that they can evade possible predators, carry food and try to escape from intense mates.

10. What’s Colony Collapse Ailment? Colony collapse condition is every bit as heinous as it appears. Whole colonies of bees happen to be quickly disappearing, not leaving a trace behind.

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