Choose the Right Bees: Guidelines in Purchasing Honey Bees

Choose the Right Bees: Guidelines in Purchasing Honey Bees. If you are into beekeeping, you basically have to acquire beekeeping equipment and supplies. Bees are considered the most important beekeeping supply. Since, it is significant to buy your bees; you should have considerations before purchasing them.

First, it must be decided which type of bees you want to buy and introduce to your hive. Bees have different species. You can choose from a number of different races and hybrids of honey bees. We provided you a list that includes some of the common types of bees with their respective characteristics. Most of these types are readily available on honey bee sales from various bee suppliers.

Choose the Right Bees

Italian - These honey bees can be identified with their yellow-brown color along with distinct dark bands. They are able to build combs very well and able to produce large brood which results in the faster growth of their colony.

Carniolan - This type of bee is dark in color with gray bands and has a high tendency to swarm.

Buckfast - Buckfast bees are good in rearing brood but rob and escape from their hive more often.

Caucasian - These bees are mostly colored gray. They are very adaptable to harsh weather conditions. Like with the Buckfast, they are also susceptible to robbing of their honey.

Russian – They can cope with parasites better which can have a bad effect by outing other strains of bees into danger. They have the ability to restrict the production of brood when pollen and nectar is insufficient. This situation may result to a smaller colony during the winter season.

Africanized - This type of bee is not used for commercial purposes. They are very aggressive which is very dangerous to manage by beekeepers.

If you have already considered these types of bees and their characteristics of honey bees, you must as well select and purchase bees for beekeeping. With that, there are several points that could help you in purchasing your honey bees. These include the following guidelines

  • High quantity honey production.
  • Low swarming tendency
  • Calm on combs during work in colony
  • Resistant to any kind of disease
  • Minimum usage of propolis
  • Mildness or Gentleness

When selecting honey bees to buy, a beekeeper must bear in mind the cost of effectiveness, the assurance offered, payment terms, etc. Checking online can be the best method in ordering your honey bees. You must as well inspect the seller’s reputation and the cost that they offer.

The best and safe way of buying bees is to purchase them from an established distributor or supplier. You will be assured that the bees are disease-free and will be shipped directly to your home. Bees that they sell have characteristics that are ideal for your location.

We don’t want to put your beekeeping business at risk by buying bees that don’t suit your preferences and needs. Hence, it is essential that you inspect the bees or colonies. Moreover, request for an up to date certificate of inspection given by your local Department of Agriculture. Bees that you have to purchase must be in standard equipment only and be sure that it is fully checked by a reputable beekeeper.

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