Will Killer Bees kill you?

We hear about African Killer bees killing people and animals, but are they really that dangerous to man and beast? For those of us who live in the Southern states, where the African Bee has established its dominance in recent years the issue of how to get rid of bees can make for an emotional dilemma, especially to the allergic or those of us who are sensitive to the ecological issues that face the planet including the drastic and scary disappearance of the honey bee called Colony Collapse Disorder.

We do Live Bee Removal in Orlando and all over Florida, I believe I can speak with authority about the issues surrounding the personality of the Africanized Bee and their potential to due harm, performing Bee swarm removal and removal of countless bee colonies of all sizes and temperaments over the years. When you discover bees on your property they are categorized into 2 groups; A Swarm and a Colony

The Swarm

Swarms are a bee colony that have outgrown its location and have divided into two groups. The new group has taken flight and is searching for a home. They have no hive to defend and having filled themselves with honey to make the potentially long trip, they are full, lethargic and not apt to sting. So relax!

A Colony

Once a swarm finds a home (in your wall, tree?) and begin making honeycomb, lay eggs, and raise bees then they are now called a Colony and that is when they become more defensive. Africanized bees are known to be 1) more defensive and 2) they have a greater number of bees dedicated to defending the hive. This is how they get the reputation of Killer bees. But here in Florida we have Alligators that sometimes bite and even kill people but we don’t call them “killer alligators”. No, we just look before we jump into the water. Most accidents involving bees are from people who stumbled onto a colony and before they could respond the bees were on them.

That being the case the Florida Department of Agriculture has declared war on all feral hives and recommends killing them all. As a Live bee removal specialist we consider it tragic to kill any bees, and many hives we discover are docile anyway. Considering the worldwide disappearance of honey bees and 1/3 of our food (which comes via the pollination of honey bees) being at risk, can we afford to be so drastic in our responses?

Many companies say that they relocate bees but when they arrive to do the work they capitalize on the fear of African bees and recommend killing them and so they are basically just a bee exterminator. Its always easier (and more profitable) to just kill the bees.

EcoBee Removal is not a bee exterminator, we take a different approach. We onlydo live bee removal. If they are moody and defensive then we either keep those bees separate from the rest or we put them back out into nature. (see our video of re-homing Africanized bees into nature on our website www.ecobeeremoval.com). We are the only ones who do this. We also have a school where we are teaching kids about how to care for bees as well as doing research and development on working with the amazing African Honey bee. To learn more about our school please visit www.logosacademyinc

Steve Behncke is the owner and operator of Eco Bee Removal Florida, He is always available to answer your questions about how to get rid of bees call Ph. 352 617 3673

For more information about Bee Removal Florida please visit http://ecobeeremoval.com/


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