Start Beekeeping Easily and Safely

Start Beekeeping Easily and Safely

Article by Alex Stavros

The biggest concern for most people wanting to get started as a beekeeper is how to get started easily and safely. They want become a beekeeping for a variety of reasons, some are interested in conservation, some want the bees to pollinate their garden, others just love honey.

Whatever the motivation, keeping bees is a fascinating pursuit but you need to do it safely. It’s possible to successfully keep bees in both urban and country areas, provided that your local government allows beekeeping. The benefits of a healthy local bee population are generally well recognized. Bees play an important role in both pollinating local plant life and deterring other more aggressive insects from taking up residence locally.

Getting started is not as difficult as it might seem, just begin with the right equipment. Some basic protection for the beekeeper would include a bee suit or jacket, gloves, hat and veil.

In order to work safely with the bees you will also need a smoker. The smoker is a device used to deliver small amounts of smoke and calm the bees. When smoke is introduced into the hive it elicits a natural response in the bees who prepare to evacuate the hive.

The smoke also interrupts the pheromone alarm signal used by the guard bees to trigger a defense attack on any intruder to the hive. So smoking the hive prevents the bees from launching a full scale defense against the beekeeper.

The main piece of beekeeping equipment is of course the hive and all it’s various components. Then there are several options for stocking your hive with bees. You can buy an already established colony, collect a sworn of bees or purchase package bees. For those just starting out, it’s probably best to begin with package bees.

Honeybees are highly social creatures that live in colonies which can contain several thousand bees. The bee’s work collectively for the benefit of the whole colony. Together they construct the comb, collect food and care for the colonies young.

Bees instinctively make and store honey when their food supplies are plentiful. Beekeepers take advantage of this process and collect the excess honey for their own use or to be sold.

It’s important not to leave the excess honey in the hive for too long as honey gets darker with age. The color of the honey doesn’t affect the taste or the quality of the honey, but consumers generally prefer a lighter colored honey.

On the other hand it’s equally important not to harvest the honey too soon. If the honey is harvested before the bees have finished work on it It will still have too much water in it. this means that it wont have the same storage qualities as finished honey and could go bad.

Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding hobby that can easily become your own business if that’s what you want. Start by getting the right basic equipment and learning as much as you can. You’ll soon enjoying the sweet rewards of helping the bees, pollinating your neighborhood and of course the honey.

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