Helpful Tips For Keeping Honey Bees – Modern Beekeeping

Helpful Tips For Keeping Honey Bees – Modern Beekeeping

There are many great reasons for keeping honey bees. From harvesting honey, to collecting beeswax, and even crop pollination, bees serve many helpful purposes. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping honey bees on your property.

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1. Feed Your Bees: While the bees are getting used to their new hive, or during cold weather months, you will need to provide food.

You will need to mix sugar syrup and administer it to the bees through use of a Boardman feeder, or by placing the syrup inside the top cover near the opening in the inner cover.

This type of feeding allows your bees to have access to the syrup, without attracting pests or intruders. It is important to note that bees consume a great deal when they are first establishing a hive, so make sure to check the syrup level often.

Once the bees begin to produce honey, you will no longer need to supply syrup, however you should leave some honey in the hive as a food source during the winter and early spring months.

2. Make Sure Water Is Handy: Bees need to have a proper water source, especially during warm weather months. Bees use water to cool down their hive during periods of hot and humid weather, and also use it as a dilution material during honey production.

That being said, you should never place a container of water too close to the hive because bees can drown quite easily.

3. Be Considerate: When keeping honey bees, you should always be considerate of others. Remember, you want the bees, your neighbors do not necessarily feel the same way.

A wooden fence around your hive can prove quite beneficial. Make sure you set the fence up in the same direction as the hive opening so the bees can fly over the fence and above nearby homes.

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