Beekeeping as a Hob

Beekeeping as a Hob

Article by Caroline Forbes

In modern days, beekeeping is the magnificent hobby and a well grown small business. It doesn’t require huge amount of money, space and time as well. In this summers if you want some change, fun, hobby and productivity, go for beekeeping. Honey has many uses. Here we cover what is beekeeping, equipments for beekeeping and reasons for beekeeping as a hobby.Beekeeping, also known as apiculture, is the maintenance of honey bee colonies by human beings. A beekeeper keeps bees for collecting honey and other different products from the bee hives. The other products are royal jelly, pollen, wax and propolis. The location where bees are stored is called bee yard.List of various equipments are available for beekeeping are as follows: bee hives, foundation and frames, board for bottom, body for the hives, queen excluder, inner and outer cover, smoker, feeders. Nowadays bees are commonly kept in the artificial hives. Beekeeping management is planned with nectar flows. Before nectar flow begins, beekeepers start keeping and maintaining bee colonies to reach maximum strength of bees. Surplus honey will be stored by bees at that time. There are several reasons for beekeeping as a hobby:Pleasure of honey: the main feature of beekeeping is to produce honey and honey considered as a sweetest dish. For such a sweet compensation, people choose beekeeping as a hobby and gift honey to their relatives and friends.Pollination: pollination is a process of pollen transfer in plants for fertilization and sexual reproduction. It also enhances production of fruits and vegetables.A source of entertainment: to see bees is a source of fun and joy. The observation of hives is caught our attention. One feels lucky to watch hives.A medium of education: sometimes beekeeping is done for science fairs and organizations. We can learn many things from the beehives and watching them is an outstanding educational experience.A stress buster: it is a way for relaxation and we can simply spend full afternoon time for a single hive.A beautiful gift: we have wonderful gifts for holidays and birthdays. Honey, honey made products and candles are beautiful gift to present.Healthy life style: Beekeeping serves a healthy life style. Some collect pollen for diet and others have honey in their regular diet.Beekeeping is a hobby with several advantages. Firstly, bees are in crisis and with beekeeping we can help them. So be proud to be a hobbyist beekeeper and passion, excitement, and knowledge is a part of beekeeping hobby.

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