Start Your Own Organic Beekeeping Business

Organic beekeeping business, start your own. In the ruthless quest to breed bees for their honey, beekeepers have been spraying bees for many years with all sorts of pesticides and herbicides. Bees are even grown in plastic hives so that they will turn into ultimate honey-making machines. A disturbing news article in the April, 2011 issue of The Guardian reports that certain species of honeybees have begun to adapt to the constant spraying of pesticides onto their hives; they are now “entombing” their hives to protect themselves from the harmful chemicals. In the wake of this modernized honey bees beekeeping method that has disrupted the ecological balance, the prospect of promoting the mutual benefits of organic beekeeping is very timely.

Organic beekeeping not only considers the benefits that we can derive from the bees; we also care for them in return. The main principles of organic beekeeping revolve around these three conditions: an unpolluted hive location, natural bee-feeding materials and methods, and avoidance of pesticides and traditional veterinary medicine. If you are a small-scale organic beekeeping hobbyist, then you do not need to follow all these. But if you are running a business and you want to label your product as “organic,” then all three requirements must be met.

Start Your Own Organic Beekeeping BusinessAmazing business opportunities can be derived from beekeeping. Organic beekeeping for beginners can be turned into a profitable business. The products that you can sell from your very own honeybee farm are raw organic honey, royal jelly, and beeswax which can be turned into nontoxic crayons or modeling wax. Secondary honey-containing products include mead, flavored honey, honey wine, and baked goods.

Another important thing to consider is the food supply for the bees. If you feed the bees with commercially available feeds, then you can no longer have your products certified as organic. Since honey bees need a steady and reliable supply of pollen and nectar, then you must aggregate your beekeeping business with small-scale operations that deal in cut or dried flowers, organic herbs, market gardening, or orchards.

Profitable beekeeping can be achieved in an organically driven environment if you have the will and the motivation to do it. Of course, you will need to read more on how best to pursue this remarkable business venture. Get the most updated and well-researched articles about the organic way to grow and care for your honey bees. Turn it into a business while you help the environment. To know more, visit Organic Beekeeping.

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Start Your Own Organic Beekeeping Business

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