Does The Queen Bee, Help With Bee Pollen Production?

Does The Queen Bee, Help With Bee Pollen Production?

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Queen Bee Pollen

The short answer is that the queen bee does not help with bee pollen production directly. However, in the long run the answer is, yes. She very much does help with the bee pollen production but in more, of what we would call a ‘managerial’ role.

It is The Worker Bees That Make Bee Pollen Work

Ultimately it is the worker bees that go out of the hive and do all of the work when it comes to the collection of pollen. It is in their title; after all they are the ‘worker’ bees. Yet, without the queen we wouldn’t have any bee to harvest the pollen.

You see, it is after all the queen bee that creates the worker bees that collect the pollen that you and I both enjoy as a daily part of our diets. She creates the worker bees in a rather wondrous way.

The queen bee will lay upwards of 2000 eggs a day, a large portion of these eggs are laid already fertilized. It is these specific already fertilized eggs that will become the future worker bees that collect our pollen.

The last of the Queen’s eggs are unfertilized, and as such are fertilized by the male drone bees, these eggs will turn into more male drone bees. But since these are male drone bees, they are of no relevance to our story of pollen.

These male drones do nothing, they lay about the hive all day, and if they had TVs they would be sat in front of them. They are that lazy, that in times of food shortage, the Queen Bee kicks them all out to die, to assure the hive survives.

Daily 9-5

Ok, so back to our worker bees. The worker bees go out daily to collect pollen, which is primarily used in the hive as nourishment for baby bees. It provides them the strength they need to become strong worker bees like their mother, the queen.

However, bees are notoriously efficient, only collecting enough of what they need for every member of the hive to survive adequately. Which leads to our next question, of where do we get the pollen we use from?

Obviously we don’t starve the baby bees!

No, it’s back to the queen bee once again.

Through specific breeding programs, led by keen bee hobbyists there are now, Queen Bees that are ‘pre-programmed’ to tell their hive to collect more pollen than they actually need.

It is only because the queen bee has these specific qualities and is able to pass them on to her young, that we can utilize the benefits of bee pollen!

If we go to our original question of:

Does The Queen Bee, Help With Bee Pollen Production? We can answer it more thoroughly with; yes, the Queen bee does help to produce bee pollen, but not directly.

She accomplishes this by passing on her superior ‘over-collection’ genes onto her young to ensure there is always an abundance of pollen. Enough for the baby bees and just enough left over for you and I to benefit from pollen’s phenomenal qualities.

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