From Queen Bee to Ugly Beesty

From Queen Bee to Ugly Beesty

Article by Kayla Tyler

How many times have you seen cute, smiling, won’t-hurt-a-thing, white, black and yellow striped bees in advertisements? Truth be told, bees are anything but the above-mentioned. Once a victim of false advertisements, I honestly thought the honey suckers were a thing of beauty. So much so that when I saw a beehive in our backyard I seriously considered petting the stingers instead of reporting this to some affordable bee and wasp removal company. Mind you, I was six at that time – young and unafraid. It wasn’t until I came face to face with death – literally – that I realized bees were not pets. I should’ve known better when guys from a bee removal service came to our house one day to do initial inspection. Mom was concerned about the beehive nestled in one of the hollow trees in our yard that she called for bee removal in Los Angeles. I remember being told not to go anywhere near the funny looking nest but being the hardheaded kid that I was, I even invited friends over to come see my new pets. I skyrocketed to popular kid status in an instant having bees for pets. Word spread that I had my own beehive and they fondly called me Queen Bee. Not before long, my status as Queen was threatened. Along came Wasp Boy who carried in his backpack a jar of wasps and other creepy crawlers. During show-and-tell, I sat alone at the back of the room as the rest of my mindless classmates gathered ’round the clear glass jar containing the many-legged monsters. It didn’t stop at that, even during breaks Wasp Boy reigned supreme, making cult followers out of the mindless boys who seemed too engrossed with his pet pests. I’ve had enough; it was time for Operation Wasp Control. I had to make it perfectly clear to the audacious newcomer that I was Queen and invited the whole class after class one bright and sunny afternoon. Wasp Boy laughed and muttered how it was impossible to get near without being attacked by a swarm of bees. Not wanting to lose face and in a dire attempt of proving Insect Master wrong, I marched to the nest with great confidence. I made buzzing sounds as if to call my pets – I had no idea how I could summon the bees. The class waited in silence but after several minutes, there was still no lone bee in sight. So much for Queen Bee, everyone must’ve thought – much to Wasp Boy’s delight. Then he threw a tiny rock at my direction, and after that several rocks were being aimed at me. As if on cue, several bees flew out of the hive and straight to my face. Last thing I saw before everything blacked out was some guy from bee removal in Los Angeles. I bet you know how it all ended. Clue, they I was Queen Bee no more – I was Ugly Beesty in school.

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