Bee Pollen Nutrition – Tips to Increase Your Energy and Wellbeing with Bee Pollen Nutrition

Bee Pollen Nutrition – Tips to Increase Your Energy and Wellbeing with Bee Pollen Nutrition

Article by David L Whittle

Why would you be thinking about bee pollen nutrition?

Put simply, nutrition is the procedure of eating the best food in order to be able to grow, and at the same time to be healthy.

The issue is that today the fundamental foods (potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables and fruits) that we all eat are in short supply of the primary nutrients necessary for the body.

In fact, plenty of people in the United States, Canada, along with the UK are classed as malnourished as they are in need of all the nutrients necessary for good health and growth!

How could this be – and exactly what do we do about this?

Being malnourished isn’t necessarily anybody’s fault. The condition is based on the fact that going back for half a century now farmers have been encouraged to use more and more chemical fertilizers to help increase yields, and to raise more and better crops.

Eventually this constant use of chemicals on the soil has contributed to soils which are now depleted of micro-organisms. The actual end result is soil which is nearly sterile and which contains almost no nutrients.

Plants now grown in that infertile soil lack in those nutrients, and naturally this shortage of nutrients gets passed on inside the food chain to the people eating the grown foods.

But, I am sure that you are saying “If I follow a good diet and eat all the right foods then I should be OK”.

Unfortunately, that is not the way it is today as it is almost impossible for individuals to have the right amount of nutrients from their food as pointed out above.

Having said that we ought to still continue to consume a healthy diet by eating the best possible foods but in order to obtain all of the important nourishment we need to:

• avoid processed foods,• eat a lot of fruits and vegetables- organic wherever possible, • restore the lack of nutrients by taking a good quality supplement.

Why Bee pollen and nutrition

Bee pollen is packed with nutrients and therefore it provides essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes -in point of fact, every one of the nutrients one’s body requires.

They are the building blocks for the body which provide the potential to maintain good health, provide a far better metabolism, stronger bones and even improved vision.

How we can find a top quality supplement?

Some bee pollen supplements are sourced from bees which are collecting pollen in highly industrialized countries where pollution and the use of insecticides is high, and as a result the pollen is also polluted.

Also, in certain countries manufacturing standards are lax and never sufficiently high when it comes to vitamin supplements so that it is wise to research the source of the supplements.

We use, and highly recommend, supplements which don’t just derive from a pristine, unpolluted source but a source where the manufacturer also adheres to the highest GMP pharmaceutical standards.

This makes the bee pollen supplements effective and safe, and it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting the very best bee pollen nutrition.

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