How to Start Beekeeping- Lessons and Information to Keeping Bees

How to Start Beekeeping- Lessons and Information to Keeping Bees


Beekeeping can be just a hobby or a very profitable business. How to start beekeeping, you ask? There is a lot of skill in the art of keeping bees that one should know before venturing off on your on. I would look for more information or maybe some lessons on the subject to start with. But I am going to give you some tips to start off your hobby.

The first thing you need to is check your local laws to see if any restrictions apply in the area that you would like to set up your colonies. Some towns and cities have certain laws that you have to follow in order to keep bees. So don’t get in trouble, check the laws for your area.

Second thing is to check with your neighbors to let them know what you are planning to do and assure them that you have gotten all facts and information to maintain your hives with there safety in mind as well as your on. You don’t want to live next door to people that are going to be afraid to there house on count of you, so it helps to keep friendly neighbors not enemies. Also, give them some of the honey when you extract your first batch, this can also help.

The third thing is, if your are putting the hive near neighbors is to build a fence at least six foot high to block the view of the hives. This not only helps the feeling of the neighbors by not being able to actually see the hive but it keeps the bees flying above head high of passing people. Also point the entrances to hive away from the neighbors. Bees tend to fly out of the hive in the direction of the entrance to forge.

Forth thing is always keep plenty of fresh water for the bees to keep them from joining your neighbors kids in there pool. So to keep your bees from visiting the neighbors give them every thing they need so they want have to leave the hive to find it.

Like I said there is a lot things you need to know about beekeeping before you try to start out without all the proper information, but it is still a very rewarding hobby to get into. So don’t be afraid to start the hobby just get well informed first.

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