The Beekeeping Suit’€™s Importance

The Beekeeping Suit’s Importance

Article by Matthew Lee

Although a beekeeper may already be an expert in predicting the behavior of his bees, it’s still important for him to wear a beekeeping suit every time he comes anywhere near his bee colony. It’s not enough for beekeepers to know how to care for bees; this doesn’t assure him that he will be totally safe from the sting of a bee. Thus, the beekeeping suit would serve as his perfect protection.

Knowing what comprises the protective beekeeping suit is important. This assures that the beekeeper will get the most out of this protective gear.

The complete beekeeping suit should include the following:

Beekeeping glovesBeekeeping overall pants and jacketBeekeeping helmet (with veil)

The beekeeping pants and jacket should be completely closed by elastic on the ankles and wrists. It should also be loose and a bit large so that there is enough space between the beekeeper’s skin and the suit. If the suit fits over the skin, then it would be easier for the beekeeper’s body to be stung by a bee once they attack. The beekeeper pants and jacket should also be smooth and light colored. This will prevent the bees from seeing the beekeeper as a predator, since most of the bees’ predators are dark colored and furry. Bright colored suits should also be avoided because bees are attracted to flowers with bright colors.

Whenever a beekeeper gets close to a beehive, he should wear a protective helmet to protect his face and eyes from the bee colony. The head is very vulnerable so this means the hat or helmet is the most important part of a complete beekeeping suit. You can use an ordinary hat with brim and detachable veil. A hat with integrated veil or screen-like veil is the most safe to use though. Nonetheless, the veil of the hat should fall down and not be easily blown away. It should be tucked in the jacket’s collar to avoid penetration of the bees. The hat or helmet should also be light colored like the beekeeping pants and jacket.

Finally, the beekeeper should wear gloves as part of his complete beekeeping suit. The gloves should fully overlap with the jacket so the bees won’t get inside the beekeeper’s suit. A lot of beekeeping gloves are heavy thus difficult to use especially in manipulating the beehive. The beekeeper then could opt to use medical surgical gloves which are lighter and easier to use. You can also choose gloves made of leather or canvas or cotton.

You may be able to scratch off a bee sting but still, wearing a complete beekeeping suit will give a beekeeper the full protection he needs while beekeeping. It is important for a beekeeper to defend and protect his body from the susceptibilities of his job. A single bee sting could be very dangerous especially to people who are allergic to bee stings. A person who is allergic to bee stings would experience either a simple swelling and redness of the skin or a severe allergic reaction called anaphylactic reaction, which is considered to be life threatening.

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