Thorne’s Beekeeping

Thorne’s Beekeeping

Perhaps one on the most renowned manufacturers of beekeeping apparatus and supplies in United Kingdom is Thorne’s Beekeeping. It has grown tremendously over the years from just a small family business. The success and rapid growth is mostly thanks to Leslie Leighton Thorne.  He is said to be the pioneer in bringing the business to grow at a large scale. It is under his leadership that business expanded and many people started to recognise Thorne’s Beekeeping as one of the best vendor for beekeeping supplies.

Leslie has learnt the business enterprise since young from both his grandfather and father. As a inventive and industrious man with entrepreneurial spirit he has formulated many ideas which he successfully implemented for the benefit of the entire business. He introduced many products which he knew beekeepers need. With the blooming honey industry their business grows leaps and bounds.

Thorne’s Beekeeping

Many new products were introduced and they have improved on the old ones. As a recognised name in United Kingdom it has captured a very big market. Nowadays that influence have spread to other areas as well. This is due to the trust and branding that it has built over the years.

Nowadays it is very easy to shop with Thorne’s Beekeeping since they have an online store. Smokers, honey extractors, beekeeping tools and hives are amongst some of the thing that you can buy from them. In addition, some other miscellaneous stuff like mug, calendar are also added for casual shoppers.

This is one place you can get the supplies and equipment as it is reputable, but it is not the only place. For beginners getting a good service is just as important. Local beekeeping association should be able to recommend some reliable suppliers. Besides that you can also check beekeeping courses which has reference to good vendors.

You will need to know more than just Thorne’s Beekeeping Proper beekeeping courses can help  in making your “career”/hobby smoother and easier.

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