Finding Used Beekeeping Supplies

Finding Used Beekeeping Supplies

Article by Michael V. Taylor

Beekeeping is not as simple as it may seem and certainly requires some financial input. You might want to consider used beekeeping equipment if you are a little tight on the bread. But don’t just pick it up anywhere or pick anything. Whatever the pieces of equipment, always ensure it is still in usable condition – even if it’s free.

So where do you get these used beekeeping equipment you might ask.

A good place to start would be the local apiaries. Sometimes they re-do their hives and want to upgrade or just rebuild them altogether. This means they will want to get rid of the older existing ones. This would be a good place to snap up one for just a (certainly) good bargain. But ensure this is the only reason because a colony might abandon a hive because of disease or pest infestation. Make sure these folks don’t make you inherit this trouble. You may insist on an inspection certificate if you are in doubt or check them out if they are registered. Another reason they might try to sell it off is if the hives are too weak or their best years are way behind them. This won’t be of much use to you as you might have to replace it shortly after.

The local beekeeping associations and societies can point you in a fruitful direction. For instance, they will be among the first to get wind of any quitters or members looking to sell off some of their stuff. There will occasionally be some beekeepers that will be upgrading, downgrading or throwing in the towel altogether and chances are that they won’t be looking to keep souvenirs. You can alternatively dig into some of their publications, magazines, communiqués, and websites looking out for some ads of people selling off their beekeeping equipment.

The internet is also a good place to check out for these equipments. Though there is always the risk of fraud and swindlers now in abundance, it is still a great place where you can get a good deal. Always check out the ratings and registration of the organizations behind the websites. Check them out in the local listings or in their area of operation.

When scouting for used beekeeping equipment, there are only two issues that you need to take into consideration. First, there is the rather obvious danger of buying equipment that is too old to function or doesn’t work at all. A bee hive that is almost falling apart will probably set you up for a rocky start to your beekeeping life. While the idea is to save some bread, the cost of this equipment need not be remotely close to the prices of similar new ones. This would beat the purpose. Secondly, some types of equipment, particularly the used beehives, are prone to disease and parasitic infections. While it may be difficult to detect this, always insist on an inspection certificate or have an expert check it out – the beehive.

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Michael V. Taylor is a Long time Beekeeper, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby by sharing information about bee hive supplies

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