Urban Beekeeping: # 25 Apiary Visit! To the roof to explain the plan of switching hive bodies etc.

I show you the lovely roof, the new hive design, my new hair cut and the scenery!


Cheguebuddha says:

I see you dont have any top bar hives. Is there a reason for only going with frame hives? Keep up urban beekeeping!

urbangreenbee says:

I somehow manage to reply with my other youyube user name… I still recommend Italian!

urbangreenbee says:

Thank you! I really like the new design!

szymojad says:

Nice beehive.

hrwolff says:

I recommend Italian, ‘they’ Russians keep smaller numbers in the winter and only produce brood when nectar flow is strong… but, mine have done just fine and they are quite strong 🙂

inspec300 says:

What type bee would you recommend for getting started with as a beginner ,Russian or Italian?

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