8.0 A Natural Bee Hive


QuantumJedi says:

BTW, Wasps are not Bees but most likely an ancient genetic cross between bees and ants. Unlike bees wasps are antisocial, don’t like flowers and are omnivores with some species that raid honey bee hives and not only steel the honey but kill the bees and drink their blood. The Hawk wasp has can kill and drag a tarantula back to its nest for dinner. Natures balance in the desert utilizes both honey bees and wasps! Bees for the life of the desert and wasps to keep the tarantulas under control.

QuantumJedi says:

Bees = Life on earth! The bee is also a powerful shamanic symbol representing “collective hive mind” (A swarm of bees fly’s as a single entity) Thus the bee symbolizes that aspect of us all where we are all one. In ancient Eurasian cultures a new born would be brought outside by near but not close to a bee hive. If the bees came to the baby and landed on the baby it was considered a great blessing. Landing on the mouth signified the baby would become a great philosopher or inspired poet.

Misha Fradin says:

Save the bees, I would love to have a hive at my house.

Rhys Lynn says:

Bees are such an important part of the ecosystem, this is really interesting!

Julie Ditonto says:

PS0887 Julie Ditonto
Transfering a bee hive to the kins domain, exciting, but also scary. lol. Although there is no need to be because it would actually benefit me, and help me not to get arthritis.

Steve Strain says:

SS1994 Did not know that about bee stings preventing arthritis.  Always learn something new thanks to Bruce!

bridget bonaparte says:

The natural benefits of honey is amazing.

Marjorie Kraus says:

MK1225 Love the natural honey, especially since it is so good for so many ailments in the body.

Nyle Casey says:

Bees on a kins domain is a great idea. Especially since I love honey. NC0355

David Layman says:

The bees wil be great for the fruit and vegatable trees and plants. DL0518

Kenyah Jonathan says:

this video makes it look, very easy to build, sufficient and reliable beehives, everyone is going to be happy to be a part of this moment.

Dale Langford says:

DL0499 this is interesting::: health.yahoo.net/articles/healthcare/researchers-bee-venom-can-kill-hiv-virus

Cora Williams says:

I wonder what is going on with the extinction of the wild bees.

Kenyal Vickers says:

Bee’s stings also helps patients with MS disease become mobile again.

Barbara Brunner says:

bb0845 Having bees where you have flowering plants is a great idea.

Joshua Brock says:


Joshua Brock says:

I would of never of thought about putting up a bee hive, but after watching this I think it is great to have bee hives.

Jamie Kennedy says:

Good idea. Many reports stating bees are becoming extinct. JLKS

Steven Foote says:

Bees are good!

Ruby Morales says:

I dont know if im brave enough to get stung RM0982

Rocky Estes says:

Great information about bees and arthritis I was never aware, also watch out for the bees bruce! The natural bee hive is a really good idea. RE0193

Joe Taylor says:

Who knew that the sting of a bee would prevent arthritis.

HazeSuccess says:

awesome how you can make a natural bee hive. ia0232

Jj Langford says:

JL0760 need to get some bee stings

Brian Smith says:

bs1006 = how about that. You learn something new everyday! I had no idea that Bees were good for arthritis. I would like to know what your solution ends up being in how you transfer that beehive. The bee’s will be essential for pollinating the plants and tree on the Domain.

Blake Lynch says:

Never knew that about bees. Looks like I gotta find a way to get stung. LOL BL0339

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