Removing and saving 50000 bees from inside my walls

This entire process took about 5 hours. I was sick so sorry if I sound annoying! If you are in the Los Angeles area you can contact Mike at You can contact me at

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Mrjoecreeper says:

Through the´╗┐ vent in the beginning ­čÖé

SammiMiami2 says:

If we don’t kill them´╗┐ they will kill us!! If your allergic, like me!!

dominojam325 says:

its a shame u only got a little´╗┐ bit of honey…

DarkShonobi says:

that was great.´╗┐

blayzecom says:

So cool, how do you´╗┐ think the bees got there in the first place?

fevor111 says:

BURN THEM!!!!´╗┐

SomethinDwnUrPantss says:

I’m wondering why they didn’t burn the house down. Burning the house down would really be the only´╗┐ way of getting rid of them.

J4ke483 says:

because bee’s are required to pollinate plants and without them if bee’s´╗┐ were to all die of the human population would shrink dramatically while we have a lack of food probably about 50% less roughly.

Mrpastry909 says:

I know,´╗┐ but it doesn’t mean you have to like the little f*ckers.

TheMinecrafterish says:

not to hate but´╗┐ how?

J4ke483 says:

Please´╗┐ go over the comment again and read it.

19f97 says:

so what are you gonna´╗┐ do? keep them in your house? your argue is invalid.

lukanzan says:

I just found out that when i had 3 hornets in my´╗┐ aparment i’m not scared of bees anymore (Hope so)

But Hornets are soooo big and scary

beefspit1 says:

The only way 10 bees will kill you is if you are allergic, such a pity people so many people “are scared” due to so much misinformation.
No bees and 50%+ of´╗┐ our food doesnt exist

Be like me, i’m scared of sharks ­čÖé but bees dont hurt or kill its a myth

Michael West says:

Nic Cage´╗┐ brought me here.

Apisthebuzz says:

Thanx for´╗┐ taking all that effort

peshozmiata says:

Why do you have hollow walls like that… it’s like you’re asking´╗┐ for trouble.

Jacob Selvey says:


bigboss25262 says:

use bee vacuum and have them transported elsewhere where they can thrive….. ´╗┐

JoArtsDev says:

i’d´╗┐ rather burn the shit out of them XD

BUBBLES12919 says:

i dont mind bees´╗┐ but wasps are annoying

GundamGears says:

Thumbs´╗┐ up if wimp sent you

Qasrtsproductions says:

The world needs you Larry Chen!´╗┐


doesn’t wont to´╗┐ kill bees , vacumes them

TheMagicalWatermelon says:

Bees are such amazing creatures´╗┐ <3

bunglaow says:

Pretty much. These are actually quite calm.´╗┐ What makes them less calm is: windy or rainy conditions; being pestered by wasps; being queenless; not having enough food; being banged around.

zon3ful says:

u´╗┐ call that a house. u can destroy the whole thing with a knife lol.

lukanzan says:

Yes and you only need 10 of them To kill You I personaly Hate Them I Mean Hate
i’m scared of´╗┐ bee’s And hornets

primmo83 says:

indeed, whitout them´╗┐ we will be already dead

MathewNavarro says:

they are counted by wieght´╗┐

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