Bee in flight with pollen in slow motion

Please enjoy these slow motion clips and do what you can to help save bees. It means more to you than you think. You can tell use what you think about it bel…


pappawheely says:

It`s the microwaves ..true….see Barrie Trower …..utube ..microwaves 

Hattie Hamilton says:

Hi Sorry to bother you – I work for a British News programme and I’m really interested in using this video on our bulletin tonight, We are covering the story of the EU vote to try and ban substances which harm bees. If you read this in time and you own the copyright for the video could you possibly email me on
Many thanks

ReFLeKTz says:

I hate Bees but wow, they are beautiful.

lukx31 says:

What camera do you use?? And what program for slow motion??

FrappeGaming says:

I photograph bees

ultraslo says:

Thanks for the comment. Yup I am aware about the bee. But the bumble bee is also on the decline and actively sprayed also. We need to protect them all including the honey bee. Thanks again

Frederick Dunn says:

Nice ultra slow video… I also appreciate the message regarding the honey bee in decline… just thought I’d chime in, this is a bumble bee and not the honey bee we are trying to cultivate to handle current plant “

ultraslo says:

It is amazing how such little things are feared even by the biggest guys. I love the sound the bees make. I am in their faces taking pics all the time and they never sting me. Enjoy the world around you It really is cool.

dantathedevil says:

He i wouldn’t mind too save bees but the only thing that keeps me from wanting too is their stingers and that loud buzzing noise if nature or science could get rid of those 2 things that bees have then I would happily save them.

fustino5 says:

yea.. no . we would still survive but we wont be the same.

cheezit99 says:

You sound ridiculous, “If we don’t do something to save them, we won’t have any food!”, yet human interference with bees is the only thing killing them. Besides, there’s other pollinators in this world besides bees who will happily take the place of all these ‘dying bees.’ The world can take damn fine care of itself and human intervention interferes with natural selection…in other words we’re messing with Earth’s fate. I appreciate your concern but I do not appreciate your solution.

ultraslo says:

Thank you for your rude comment. With out bees only a very small part of the flowers would be pollinated. Pollinization results in the production of all the fruits nuts and grains that you eat and feed to the animals that you eat. As the food supply dwindles people will have less to eat. The end.

LambOfGod52 says:

I’m sorry but if there’s no bees, how wont we have food to eat? Why wont flowers still develop pollen?….
Just another typical ignorant christian.

MrAtamu says:

The fight must be a global one and focuses on the lost of biodiversity in general. Entomologists and ecologists have already called the attention on the decline of bees’ population some 30 years ago, but in a world dominated by money, no one truly cared.

MrAtamu says:

That is the guys who declared such a law that should be illegal in your city, without bees and other insects, we would die very quickly and the reason is very simple, they are the ones assuring the pollination of plants, including major ones like wheat, rice, etc. No bees, then soon no humans (although birds and butterflies will not miss us…)

yomumisminging says:

I have nothing interesting to say, just wanted to leave you a comment 🙂

MrAtamu says:

Most of Insects do live a speedy life whose movements can’t be perceived by human eyes, so such slow motion films are very helpful to understand them. I have posted elsewhere a list of suggestions you could materialize, including insects (and other topics). Keep on this excellent job and thanks for sharing with us the beauty of the world!

marniespeaks says:

more bees in slomo

MrB1zzle says:

i want to start a bee colony, but it is illegal in my city 🙁

valhala56 says:

Bees, Fuckishima, Sink Holes, Gulf Oil spill, Alberta Tar Sands, Oil Spill in Arkanas “News Blackout” Korean War- Isreal-Iran. Climate Change-I think humans will be going bye bye with the bees.

ultraslo says:

Thank you.

ultraslo says:

Thank you for your kind comments and support. I use a program called CineScore. it is no longer sold. I love it too.

Reuben Turner says:

Another beautiful video.
Just wondering, where you get your music from?
I remember you mentioning one time that you made it yourself for one of the videos.
You always get the perfect sound and picture together.

Reuben Turner says:

Save the Bees:
Sign the Petition: avaaz(dot)org(forwardslash)en(fowardslash)hours_to_save_the_bees

ishtiak90 says:

this is one of your best video.

ultraslo says:

The GMO crops still produce flowers that produce pollen that should not affect the bees. Reality is that GMO is not much more than accelerated evolution. I am going to get flamed on this one. My concern with GMO is the way it interacts with native plants and species. Like snakes in the Everglades there are unintended consequences from anything. We need to move the world forward or go back to the caves. Just do it carefully! Enjoy

AsakuraClan says:

I think they’re dying because of GMO crops

ultraslo says:

It is funny that most people think there are plenty of bees but the reality is that over the past few years that is not true anymore. This is a problem that seems to have started fast. Or at least I observed it only 2 years ago then read what a huge problem it is.

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