DC Honeybees TV 1-22-11 Pollen Substitute Patties

in deference to Michael Bush, the sage of all things beekeeping, I show how I make pollen patties…with the promise that I will halt feeding once I see my b…


docrw says:

Great video! thank you

Jeff Miller says:

Thanks Don. Just passing on like I’ve learned from you.

fineshooter says:

nice job,Don

honeeproducer34 says:

This sounds more healthy than some other pollen patties I’ve heard of…Thanks for sharing… 🙂

collinsbeefeeder says:

Thank you for this great video! It is always nice to have fellow beekeepers share via video how they do things… It is much easier to learn watching rather than reading 😉 If you are ever looking for a better bee feeder, checkout the Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder video I have posted: Collins Bee Feeder. Thanks again for sharing.

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