T McDs Bees Mon. March 16th 50 degrees

March 16th observation of T. McD’s honey bees removing their dead from the bottom of the hive and checking to see if the bees are eating the pollen patty. These are MN hygenic honey bees that live south of St. Paul, MN.


TerryMcBelle says:

Glad to know you’ll be a bee keeper soon. You’re going to love it. Thanks for helping with the bees.

6rona says:

Hi there i enjoy your videos so much. I’m starting beekeeping soon . Thanks for sharing this with us

Brian01331 says:

Bee’s don’t think they react.

Riptidescool says:

Bees are, Im my opinion very Intelligent insects. They just need to find the open window when they fly into my place. I let one land on me and walked slowly outside. I think it knew what I was doing.

Tickets825 says:


TerryMcBelle says:

I have 2 new hives and one on it’s second year.
Sorry to get back to you so late but this message came in on an old email account

TerryMcBelle says:

I wasn’t going to put that in but I thought it needed a little humor

mulebee says:

Nice, I liked the part where you were slipping down the hill. Very Minnesotan.

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