getting started beekeeping

what you are going to need to get started beekeeping.


swampratman2000 says:

will be doing one soon just have been real busy at the farm with spring work.hopefully do one this week

Claudia80nin says:

Nice equipment. I want to start making my own but dont have all the tools I need yet. Next time your making some I would love to see a video on how you do it if you wouldnt mind.

Mark Massingill says:

Nice information, thanks! BTW, the type corners you used on your boxes are called butt-joints. Pretty much anytime you put wood together just by butting one piece against another that’s what it’s called. Sorry, the carpenter in me came out.

AidanLiveLifeFilms says:

Great video !!! Very neat …

swampratman2000 says:


swampratman2000 says:


David Jastram says:

Nice video swamp!

swampratman2000 says:

cool any questions just ask

jnull0 says:

Awesome, I will be watching, and learning. I am hoping to be started next summer when my fruit trees are bigger.  Thanks for sharing,

Jeff James says:

Very cool vid. I am looking forward to this series.

swampratman2000 says:

i have a vid of extracting honey but youtube wont let me post a link.the name of vid is extracting my honey

LeonRFpoa says:

next time you harvest be sure and film it, we learned how this year and got about a gallon of honey that sold at 6 bucks per pint and it sold like hotcakes

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