John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson – Beekeeping

Hysterical sketch w/ Cleese as a beekeeping expert and Atkinson as a terrible television show host. Recorded live in 1981. Shh.


setezerocinco says:

So much epicness in one stage!

Caoimhekiwii says:

Interviewer!!! LIFE!!!! lol

Freda Jordan says:

hahahahaa, graet , far out, I´m cracking up laughing :-)))))))

FantasiusTriton1993 says:

No Problem

Christian Vesper says:

damn… you’re right… I apologize

FantasiusTriton1993 says:

Actually Nathan Lane was Timon

Christian Vesper says:

that was nathan lane

FantasiusTriton1993 says:

Rowan Atkinson was the voice of Zazu in The Lion King…..Sooooooo…”It’s the circle of life” WAK!!

ChoiceCITYS says:

prawn SKA

thegreatNEb says:

because sometimes things just get rather silly, and if the police don’t come quick enough then it’s time to take matters into your own hands 🙂

thegreatNEb says:

the 70s was still fresh. As the 80s wore on they quickly forgot and looked utterly stupid. The 90s were the hangover, and in the 00s people are starting to look good again, if not all somewhat the same. give it another 30-50 years and we’ll be back in the 60/70s vibe again 😀

Hildesful says:

Indeed hysterical wahahaha!!

Arsalan Pirzada says:

intevyour intevyour intevyour intevyour intevyour intevyour intevyour 

Videodrome06 says:

People had more hair and more fashion sense in 1981. 🙂 

Franky Forte says:

“Bleedin’ hilarious!!!!!”

Joseph Loveys says:

I agree.

mohemed alheyoury says:

Mr bean

tnekkc says:

Once I learned of Cleese’s politics, he could never be funny again.

William Cox says:

Two Titans of off the wall sketch mastery meet and do battle . . . and everybody wins!. Like famous gunfighters, they live in a world of dwindling equals . . . but is that bad thing? Together they define a moment in public apprehension and perspective that will not come again. I’m glad to have been part of it and appreciate the opportunity to remember it through the gilded glass of comedic perfection. First rate work, you two..

Timelordess Tardis says:

Shush ! 

avamaste says:

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Max Eisenhardt says:


josh gooding says:


NewfiePoetForReal says:

Comic geniuses…….

Roger Holmquist says:

Two crazy comedians, that’s crazy times two!

m0urningwerw0lf371 says:


Serevuin says:

In case of dangerous fruit-wielding maniacs, of course.

hermes1939 says:

Shoshi !

katastrop2000 says:

i will kill rowan atkinson…..hahahahahah

ferifanum says:

this reminds me of the mattress sketch…

akapo98 says:

Monthy Pithon much????

Derrymaine148 says:


haydenelrics says:


DarkPatricius says:


TardisTart says:

You haven’t watched much Python, have you?

Fruyklin Redog says:


TheAirsim says:

Indian. sSSHsSSH.

BattleM012 says:

You can really see his Basil Fawlty impression come out near the end. lol

maninderkhangura says:

i died in the end 😀

punisherman1000 says:

Why do Cleeses sketches always end with him pulling out a gun?

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