Urban Beekeeping: # 27 Varroa mite screened bottom board explanation, how to do quadrant counts

I explain to my fabulous viewers what a Country Rubes bottom board is and how it works,


ucanbobonthis says:

kudzu can produce pink honey.

urbangreenbee says:

I agree, that sounds like a definitely a plausible source! Thank you for the support! I haven’t seen this one in a while, and it is making me crack up!

llewej7 says:

Pink liquid being packed away as honey? Might have a neighbor with hummingbird feeders. Some of that stuff has a ton of coloring in it. Good job on the videos.

kgiven100 says:

We also use the Country Rubes, they have a stronger plastic insert I recommend. The paper on the grid will skew your counts. You should start over - 24hr to 48hr.

urbangreenbee says:

Oh great! I was getting ready to give you the name of this video, but you already found it! <3 Thanks for the support 🙂

William Twine says:

Nice! I like this so much better… Great job, Thanks for taking the time to clarify this for me and keep up the good work.

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