Urban Beekeeping: # 28 Opening the hive, inspecting, and observing proper frame patterns!

Jeremy and I open the very busy hive, find that the top of the hive is in fact full of honey as they prepare for winter, we find some nice brood patterns and even see some emerging bees!


shastanova says:

Just to help you out when looking for your Queen. A Queen will not cross or walk on capped honey. So almost always she will be on a brood frame.

urbangreenbee says:

I agree, if you put it there, they will come… and cover it in propolis! that can get sticky very quickly!

digger07747722968 says:

If you screen the hole on the top cover the bees will fill it with propolis in no time at all. Bees love to fill up any type of mesh/screen stuff….After all, that’s what propolis traps are made of….Good luck this spring….

urbangreenbee says:

Sorry for the delay, so, yes, they can get up top and build up wax, but generally, there isn’t much of a problem. You will find more often that the propolis causes more of a problem with regards to sticking… they usually put more wax on the under side of the inner cover between the inner cover and the frames. You will find it to be easier than you imagine. A hive next to your bedroom window? I am so jealous! That sounds divine!

Vince99Sim says:

The hole in inner cover allows bees between inner and outer top cover. Which means there could be a wax buildup between them, right? Which means the top cover could get stuck to the inner cover, and since the inner cover is usually stuck to the top box, you will not easily be able to open the hive, right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I do not have a beehive. I hope to assemble a hive this Fall and get a bee package next Spring 2012. It will be next to my bedroom window in my backyard.

urbangreenbee says:

I used the wrong user name earlier, sorry!

urbangreenbee says:

sorry, now with my normal user name, no rubber gloves 🙂

hrwolff says:

I have not heard of the inner cover hole to be screened… I have never had one like that… and yes, it is for ventilation etc 🙂

hrwolff says:

only leather or no gloves at all 🙂

glvedio says:

where your rubber gloves?

Vince99Sim says:

Okay, I re-watched video and hole is for ventilation, but shouldn’t it be screened?

Vince99Sim says:

Why is there an opening in the center of the inner cover? for ventilation? shouldn’t hole be screened?

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