▶ Why are the Bees dying ? Sharp Decline in their Population!

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…so, finding a pile of dead bees in front of your hive, IS NOT AN INDICATION OF PESTICIDE KILL AT ALL!!! It’s an indication that normal predators have not found your hive lately. (and eaten the freshly dead bee’s, who’s lifespan is aprox 30 days anyway)


The mites are easily overcome by sprinkling powdered sugar onto the hive, the bees eat the sugar off each other, and ingest the mites while doing so. These mites are widely known about in the bee keeping communities. He says you would find a lot of dead bees in front of your colony, but…that’s where they dump their dead! Armadillos, opossums, and other animals regularly patrol the hives for a free lunch, and if your local predator dies, you get a pile of bees in front of the hive.


Crop growers are importing bees from across the nation to pollenate, due to “Government intervention” by way of laws that restrict how much a farmer can grow, thereby limiting their income, and therefore prohibiting farmers from being able to maintain their own hives. The transporting of bees every season costs the bee colonies on average 30% of their population. I have 2 hive’s totaling approximately 100k in number. and more honey than I know what to do with.

NewDayDawning2012 says:

Thank you Lisa for highlighting this very important issue. Namaste.

Sowingthewinds says:

Thank You Lisa <3

FreedomRebel says:

monsanto’s roundup/GMO crops … aluminum oxide (<10 micron) ... beekeepers feeding bees HFCS...

we are soooooo doomed

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