30 hornets vs. 30000 bees



TheNice20012 says:

bee just got wrippedin half at 1:21

KageTori12 says:

The hornets weren’t after the honey.
They went to eat their unborn babies.

Starpilot149 says:

Japanese Giant Hornets=REAPERS

Honeybees= Humans

Bee at 2:05-2:06 = Commander Shepard

luke italino says:

naturual pestiside

BestTheLucas says:

awwww hero bees, but in the other video of national geographic the bes wins very beautiful ¬¬

HoodzGotTheGoodz says:

make a dubstep remix of this, haahah be so good

commenting000 says:

This is captian bee Roach don’t trust general wasp

swiftor fan says:

good thing the bees won insect war 4 and we got honey 🙂

muhammet0618 says:

nnoooooooooo we have to fight our last power much … >:o


At 1:25 i expected Iron Maiden to start playing

Mrrsmtchll2 says:

For the love of Honey

DarkSoulsEbersteen says:

No wonder they are growing so few…dumbass hornets

Gd14694s says:

Is this Leanord Nimoy speaking?

chltmdwp says:

Wasps = Aliens
Honey Bees = Humans

So the scientists are wondering why the bees are getting smaller in population…. well i’vegot a good news, observe this video!!

donny121able says:

They needed a bee called the green bee

MrNathanwags23 says:

this is the insect version of the 300 spartans vs the persians

Mathaius833 says:

That’s not even the worst thing that came over here.

bigcawk69 says:

lol thats exactly what i thought o.O

LoudPackofBreeze says:

damn Nazi Hornets…

GameManiaful says:

kill it with fire !!

STmorgan97 says:

No matter how much they evolve, they’re no mach for my lighter and deodrant.

Eduardo Galvan says:

and they say war is an invention of man.. el oh el.

Benjamin Young says:

Oh Neat!!! They made GoPros for hornets!

makthe2nd says:

*because oil and natural resoucres

free4fire says:

I just can`t take amarican dokus seriously, they have to meke everythig sound like a giant monster, splatter or war movie and that gets so damn annoying after a while! -.-

VesaRibar says:

no animal harm video

Skorpi00007 says:

Hornet: We have reason to suspect that you hoard terrorist, it’s our duty to liberate you. Do not deny freedom and give us your land … Because god.

scottysaye says:

to the leader of the bees man u gotta learn dude instead of kiilling yourself in some futile effort to save ur precious honey…………. RUN ! try it sometime losers

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