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I honestly can't remember the last time I was this disappointed The videos leading up to this point [...]
This is a quick synopsis of my book; From A to Bee. It is a diary account of my first year of beekee [...]
http://www.eutimes.net/2013/05/russia-warns-obama-global-war-over-bee-apocalypse-coming-soon/ [...]
It is Day 24, and if the queens were released from their cages around Day 3 and started laying eggs, [...]
This is a video of my first harvest. [...]
Afternoon follow up to my how to backyard beekeeping Honey Bee activity. I've added a few fruit plan [...]
Most brand new beekeepers must wait a year or more before they experience their first honey harvest. [...]
This is the beginning of my how to backyard beekeeping adventure. It's been six days and not much Ho [...]
Watching my honey bees work at the entrance. Real time how to backyard beekeeping. enjoy the girls w [...]
A demonstration of the assembly and versatility of the Eco Bee Box bracket. Brackets available for s [...]
After meeting the Weavers in Episode 1 (Is Beekeeping For You) and going over the hive basics with D [...]
http://www.guidetobeekeeping.infoFirst lessons in beekeeping? Please watch this video for more info. [...]
After a challenging drive home with our very first nuc of bees....they were not closed properly and [...]
Amazing experience splitting a honey beehive for the first time!! beesandlove.com Filmed on the 26th [...]