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http://BeeGreenRemoval.com. We got a LARGE bee hive up on a tree that had been there for 1 year, ou [...]
This bee swarm was actually pretty interesting because we had to go up and get it, approximately 20 [...]
http://BeeGreenRemoval.com. This is exactly how Africanized bees act when want to protect their hom [...]
http://BeeGreenRemoval.com. Here we removed a bee swarm from one of our customers tree in front of [...]
http://BeeGreenRemoval.com. So we rescued this Very BIG Swarm from a chimney, this bees were very c [...]
This was a pretty old hive, customer had being dealing with this hive for over a year now. We safely [...]
Here's what we found underneath of the shingle roof behind the brick chimney, it was pretty awesome [...]
http://BeeGreenRemoval.com. What a nice bee swarm that we were able to saved, just when we tough we [...]
Here's another Live bee removal by Bee Green Natural Bee Removal in the city of Inglewood, Calif. fo [...]
http://BeeGreenRemoval.com. Large bee hive that we removed from a tree in Los Angeles Area ( Encino [...]
This was a pretty BIG size hive with a family of pretty aggressive bees, is not the first time that [...]
This is another Live bee removal by Bee Green Natural Bee Removal in a flat roof of an apartment bui [...]
This is a Live Beehive removal by Bee Green Natural Bee Removal from one of our customers in the cit [...]
www.livingtreecommunity.com Bee Pollen Smoothie Recipe by Chaya-Ryvka Diehl www.theLivingVision.com [...]
So I was at the bee farm the other day and I saw these green imitation bees (flies) eating the propo [...]