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First in a series of videos that document the cuts needed for Langstroth bee hive supers. This one s [...]
Nature's Laboratory is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board composed of top academics in both pl [...]
Beez4life is showing you how to melt down capping's from frames, keep in mind this is clean capping [...]
Senga shows you how to release your queen bee from her cage into the bee hive. A few days ago I hive [...]
Our new colony began swarming whilst I was cutting the grass. A huge swarm collects at the top of a [...]
Hiving a swarm of honeybees into a log is probably not a good idea if you are expecting to harvest t [...]
www.bluecollarbees.com Imagine opening up your cupboard door and pulling out your beloved jar or bot [...]
Placing a sheet on ground under swarm and tapping on box helps honey bees migrate or march into hive [...]
After a challenging drive home with our very first nuc of bees....they were not closed properly and [...]
In 2006, the world learned that honeybees in America and Canada were dying in large numbers, and hiv [...]
By making a simple home for bees in your garden or yard, you can bring back these lovely essential c [...]