[March] Videos

On a warm day one of Joel's hives swarmed 10' from the original hives. here is the result of what ha [...]
March of the Peers (composed by Arthur Sullivan arranged for orchestra by George Pollen). This arran [...]
Found very good looking Queen in one hive and another hive raising several new Queen cells www.durha [...]
March 16th observation of T. McD's honey bees removing their dead from the bottom of the hive and ch [...]
Great is the joy of the natural beekeeper watching the blessed creatures bringing riches of crocus p [...]
Placing a sheet on ground under swarm and tapping on box helps honey bees migrate or march into hive [...]
Visitors and beekeepers share information about bees and bee keeping. Brent, a digital media student [...]
beegreenphilly.com Demo where everything that could go wrong does go wrong! Cloudy cool weather and [...]