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Beekeeping: How To Move A Hive Any Distance (More Than 3 Feet and Less Than 3 Miles) [...]
With the recent boom in urban beekeeping, scientists have begun to develop concerns that the practic [...]
The 3 feet or 3 mile myth is busted! I share how you can successfully move a honey bee hive more tha [...]
In Gaza, the ancient art of bee venom therapy is still practised -- used to treat complaints as vari [...]
Everybody talks about the dying of the bees. "More than Honey" talks about their lives. And about ou [...]
www.pinoybeekeeping.com This video is for educational purpose only. It shows how beekeeping in tropi [...]
Here is what is next to come on Cooking Stoned. I am driving around California for three weeks in a [...]
www.pinoybeekeeping.com This is our demo honey bee farm were our Bees Honey' -- the all Natural Hone [...]
I show the queen, being cleaned and fed. In this video, I was concerned about the activity of the qu [...]
www.pinoybeekeeping.com A glimpse of the secret life of bees. This "orientation flight" is just one [...]
FDA is playing the role it has morphed into over the last few decades. Also bees dying off in swarms [...]
This is a clip on how to make increases in your stock of bees. It is part of beekeeping for beginner [...]
Bees, via pollination, are responsible for 15 to 30 percent of the food US consumers eat. But in the [...]