[Part] Videos

A how to video for those interested in dipping their BeeHives in a mixture of Gum Rosin and Paraffin [...]
Demonstrating the honey refractometer on the 2013 early summer harvest. Season 3, Episode 2. [...]
More frame adjusting and random commenting. Kind of boring, but still interesting. [...]
Here's what we found underneath of the shingle roof behind the brick chimney, it was pretty awesome [...]
This is another Live bee removal by Bee Green Natural Bee Removal in a flat roof of an apartment bui [...]
My friends at Apimaye sent me two turkish beehives, one their Dadant Style, the other Langstroth. Si [...]
Don continues his discussion of queen rearing, stressing his self help and home made equipment that [...]
A central Nebraska beekeeper shares his afternoon of "Hive Splitting"..creating new colonies and exp [...]
Part 2 here: http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/making-money-hobby-part-2-types-videos Matthew go [...]
Spring is the busiest time of the year for the bees. New colonies are started and established coloni [...]
One hive has survived deep into winter, time for a quick inspection. Season 2: Episode 7. [...]
Adding honey with comb cappings to beehives to help the bees survive the winter. see: http://honeyfa [...]
I decided to build my own beehives, this is the hive body and honey supers. [...]
A cell starter is used to raise a large amount of queen bees at one time. First the bees need to be [...]