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Urban Bumblebees & Honey Bees in Kiev, Ukraine, by Entomologist in Ukraine (ENG) [...]
With the recent boom in urban beekeeping, scientists have begun to develop concerns that the practic [...]
In this episode of Subculture Club we meet up with Urban Beekeeping guru Kirk Anderson (aka Kirkobee [...]
Ten days back I showed the wild bees on our neighbour's house - some giant honey bees, apis dorsata: [...]
With bee colonies dying at alarming rates in rural places, some beekeepers are trying to develop col [...]
They contribute $250m to the British economy but now honey bees, that pollinate vital crops, are und [...]
This a beautiful film on the beekeeping life shot on a Bolex REX-3. Watch the Subculture Club episod [...]
I show you a yellow jacket (predator) eating a bee! And You see the Fabulous Urban Green Bee hives! [...]
Hobby beekeeping is on the rise in Los Angeles. Kirk Anderson, who has been a beekeeper since the 19 [...]
I explain my findings from my study investigating urban and rural apiculture. The study is called Ur [...]
beegreenphilly.com Class participants of first beginners beekeeping course at Green Sanctuary Commun [...]
I show you the new back brace that I got to support my back and promote good posture while beekeepin [...]
I show the queen, being cleaned and fed. In this video, I was concerned about the activity of the qu [...]
I check on the 2 gallon bucket feeders that I showed you how to make. I find that the buckets are re [...]
Perhaps motivated by a drive to prop up the bee populations decimated by colony collapse disorder, b [...]